Renewable energy in Africa

Yet wind turbines are a rare sight in Africa, a continent with enormous energy needs and significant wind potential.

AFREC Vision and Mission

AFREC's mandate is to advance cooperation in the area of energy among all its 55 African Member States, particularly through:

  • Joint development of energy resources and identification of energy projects at regional, sub-regional and continental level and strive for their implementation.
  • Conduct comprehensive research on all form of energy resources across continent and identify suitable sustainable projects aimed at facilitating development and economic growth.
  • Design, create and update an energy continental data base and facilitate rapid dissemination of information and exchange of information.
  • Provide technical assistance to Member States, Regional Economic Communities and other stakeholders in the African energy sectors”.
  • Acceleration of integration, collective self-reliance, security ad reliability of energy supply among Member States.
  • Resolving critical issues to energy development such as training and capacity building, leadership and guidance, creation of reliable and updated energy information system and effective coordination and harmonisation of policies and activities.
  • Mobilisation of finance for the development of energy policies and projects.
  • Adoption and implementation of effective measures to promote clean environments and sustainable development policies.

AFREC Vision

AFREC vision is derived from its function as mandated by the Member States.

Its main aim is to provide leadership in the development of Africa's energy resources with the objective to enhance energy security, improve regional energy integration, generate rapid economic and social growth, protect the environment, eradicate poverty, improve the standard and quality of life of the African population in a sustainable manner.

For more information on AFREC's Mandate access the AFREC CONVENTION

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