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Applying Online using the AUC e-Internship Program will allow you to:

  • Create your own personal account for future visits.
  • Return to view and update your personal history form at any time.
  • Apply for Internship.
  • Monitor the status of Internship notices for which you have applied.
  • Receive e-mail correspondence about Internship notices for which you have applied.

Online Applications

  • You are strongly encouraged to apply to an advertised Internship notice for which you consider you are qualified. Upon completion of the personal history form, online applications will be acknowledged via e-mail.
  • To start the online application process, applicants are required to register online for a personal account.
  • After opening the account, applicants may apply for Internship using the AUC personal history form provided. Once the personal history form has been completed for a particular Internship, it can be saved and used for future applications. The - - personal history form may be modified as necessary for future applications.
  • Please check your qualifications against the requirements displayed in the position description.
  • All applications must be received before the Internship notice closing deadline in case the internship position is published.
  • Your application will be under consideration for only three(03) months.
  • After this deadline, if u are still interested by internship, please re-apply again.
  • Once an application has been submitted, it will be transmitted to the appropriate office for review.


Step 1: Complete your Personal History Form online.

Please complete All of the required sections of the Personal History form by clicking 'My Profile' at the top of this page. Key to sections:

  • Unchecked boxes indicate required sections that must be completed
  • Checked boxes indicate sections already completed.

Step 2: Apply to an Internshp Post online

  • Complete all sections of the Personal History form.
  • Click on 'Internships' at the top of the page.
  • Select an Internship of interest.
  • Click 'Apply'.
  • Read the verification of the application, respond to all questions (if applicable), Provide letter of motivation (if applicable), and submit your final application by clicking 'Apply'.
  • If there is no suitable Internship post under the ‘internship’ menu, application to a specific department in the AUC can be made using the ‘Apply Now’ menu at the top right corner.
  • Receipt of online applications will be confirmed via the email address you have provided. The email is not official confirmation of your application, only the Internship appearing in your list is proof and confirmation.

For further information on an application, you may:

  • Click 'My Applications' in your personal profile to verify that the Internship appears; this is your confirmation.
  • Verify that your email address is correct by navigating to the 'Contact Info' section of your profile.
  • If neither the Internship nor the confirmation appears, please resubmit your application following the procedures in 'Apply to Current Internships'. If you are experiencing additional problems, please contact the e-Internship Administrator at
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